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Credibility & Trust

Establishing a strong credibility and trust is extremely important to us, especially in regulatory compliance – our line of business. The brands we work with have been recognised for upholding the highest of professional standards in their respective league, and over 180 brands and clients entrust us to safeguard their proprietary information.

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Ethical Compass Set Right

Since 2005, our professional practice standards revolved around “doing the right thing, right the first time” and we are committed to practicing accountability with utmost ethical integrity. Understanding the value of a brand and the importance of reputation, we have helped our clients remain the appropriate courses by submitting their applications in accordance with the latest regulation.

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Transparency & Compliancy

Transparency and compliancy are two of our focused practices. As regulations rapidly changes, we are consistently equipping ourselves with the latest, most relevant information to help serve you, our clients, in the best ways possible. We also believe in sharing these updated information with our clients so you too are aware of the changes that are happening in the industry.
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Two-Way Communication

We strongly believe that communication is supposed to be rightfully tactful, engaging, and mutual. This will not only guarantee efficiency, but will also establish a sense of respect between us and our clients. This is why we are committed to providing regular status updates of each assignments to all the respective parties concerned. By practicing this, both we and our clients are always kept in the loop of current, crucial events and information-exchange.

Our Team

The Brain Behind The Business

Desmond, the founder of the company, has acquired his fair share of experiences in the industry by delivering both business and enterprise solutions that has spanned across small and large organizations. He yields a natural business aptitude which complements a strong sense of strategy-planning, has been acknowledged for his passion in both technical and managerial skills.

He’s got an eye for solving intricacies and that has subconsciously trained him to be more alert and aware of his moves. This quality that he’s developed has brought him a long way from where he started.

All of the qualities mentioned above is also accompanied by an admirable sense of creativity which has ended up in resulting a diverse range of prominent roles that he has taken over. Along with it follows the complex and challenging assignments that he has tirelessly handled. All of which has sharpened his already apt multitasking and communication skills.

After completing his degree in the field of his choice, Desmond initiated a Regulatory Affairs Consultancy in the ever-evolving Cosmeceutical Industry. This move has always been an underlying passion of his and has also helped him successfully secure numerous key players across the globe up his sleeves.

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We have always strived to deliver a seamless experience throughout the regulating process.
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