Importing Cosmetics, Skincare or Personal Care products into Malaysia
Whether you are new, or if you are an established brand in the industry, we have just the right solution for you! Get your products registered or notified with us today!

We offer businesses an unparalleled peace of mind obtaining regulatory compliance with the governing authority – National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA)
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Too much juggling building your brand? The hustles for the grand strategy? Or making sure your business is performing as expected?

Fret not! Let us take the drudgery wrestling with hectic bureaucratic processes while you focus on

what matters the most – your business!

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to Delivering Timely Results

Having too much on your plate? Or Maybe your client needs you on a time-sensitive and critical mission? We have your back!

Our team of professionals are dedicated, committed and capable to perform under time critical situations. At the same time, delivering timely results.


What Makes Us Different

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Over 14 Years of Experience ​

More than 14 years of experience in the industry and still make learning a lifetime process.

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Countless Products Notified to-date

Over 180 brands and clients trust us and having countless of products notified, registered to-date is our best testimony.

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Fast Turnaround and 99% Success Rate

Business is dynamic and we understand the need to deliver fast, accurate and timely results.
Rest assured, all applications undergo a stringent reviewing process to ensure highest success and approval rate.

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Our Services

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Cosmetics Product Notification

Cosmetics & Skincare, or Personal Care Product Notification (commonly known as Cosmetics Product Registration)

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Quest3+ Membership Application

Registering your membership with National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA)
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Notification Exemption

Market Sampling, In-House Evaluation, Products for Export Only or Re-Export In Transit, Products to be Sold or Supplied in Free Trade Zone or International Carriage Entering of Leaving Malaysia
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Certificate of Free Sale

For cosmetics notification holder who wish to export their notified cosmetic product to another country that requires the certificate.
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Post Market Surveillance

Notified Cosmetic Products are still subject to post market surveillance activities conducted by National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA)
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Health Supplement

(Coming Soon)

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Natural Products

Traditional Medicine, Finished Herbal Product, Herbal Remedy, Homeopathic Medicine

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What Our Clients Appreciate About Us

Flexible to Work With and Personalized Solutions

Flexible to Work With and Personalized Solutions

Your needs are unique. We design our solutions to address your specific needs and requirements.

Dedicated, Professional Fast and Reliable

Dedicated, Professional Fast and Reliable

Our strategy, people, process and business expertise will ensure the quickest return of our clients’ investment. After all, a day’s time saved, is an additional day sales to your business!

No Group is Too Big
or Too Small

Your satisfaction is our priority!

You can expect the same level of professionalism and attention is provided and given to all our clients spanning across small to large enterprises, trade commissions and embassies. Be it one or a million, it is our pleasure to serve you all.

Hectic Bureaucratic Processes Made Easy

Your time is too precious. Let us help!

Although the process of registration is detailed in the official guidelines, rapid changes and communication barriers are often challenges faced by local and foreign companies.

Hence, we have streamlined the process to deliver a seamless experience throughout your journey with us. Be it a problem with importing your products, to corresponding with the concerned parties, we’ve got them taken care for, diligently!

Interested to Know More?

We have always strived to deliver a seamless experience throughout the regulating process.
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